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Hängpelargon och Blåvit Hänglobelia

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It’s so great that Jimmy Moore listed my Blog on his LivinLaVidaLowCarb Blog.

6 month’s ago, I started the path on my new lifestyle journey. It’s the best thing I have done in many years. I had a back injury 9 years ago, and because of that I can’t work in the restaurant business anymore. Two years ago I also got another diagnosis, Fibromyalgia.

This winter, I went to a lecture with Dr Annika Dahlqvist, the founder of the LCHF-diet here in Sweden. She described her former Fibromyalgia problems and how she, by changing her diet to less carbohydrates and more natural fats, had got rid of her pain and fatigue.

Thats the day I started my project, to become healthier,  by eating Low Carb High Fat. My pain has become so much less severe, during the last months.

I feel so energetic and full of power now, so I decided to start a Low Carb Recipe Blog. I am a retired Restaurant Chef, so this is a perfect way for me to help others by sharing my new recipes. It’s my daily cooking I share with You, in pictures and text.

Welcome to my Blog. / Birgitta Höglund

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